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Security Posture Assessments

The cyberwar is well underway and all businesses are at risk. Is your business prepared for the battle ahead? Or will you be an easy victim? Weaknesses in your security posture can jeopardize your business’s success as well as inviting penalties from regulatory bodies. Our certified cyber experts will work with you to help you determine your security posture and level of residual risk along with providing actionable advice for improvements.  Depending on the situation A&P may recommend a full risk assessment or a vulnerability scan.

Risk Assessments

Risk assessments are the first place to start if you want to improve your companies security posture. You need to understand what your protecting and what the risks are to develop an effective defense strategy.  When A&P completes a risk assessment we follow the guidelines set forth in the NIST Risk Management Framework. Standards define a repeatable methodology for performing an action and getting the same result time and time again. By leveraging standards, A&P allows our clients to compare how they are doing on security vs the industry best practices.

Vulnerability Scans 

A vulnerability is defined as being open to attack or damage. Vulnerability scanning is a process of using software tools to discover potential areas of a network or system that are open to attack or damage.  A&P’s experienced, certified personnel will conduct the vulnerability scan and translate the reports into what it means for the security of the business.

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