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Physical Security

There are many cyber things that play a role in your security. But an obvious and often overlooked security item is physical security itself. This is things like locks and guards and security cameras. How does this relate to cyber? The best cyber in the world won't protect you if you leave your windows and doors open and invite people to come on in and steal your computers or data storage devices.

Just like cybersecurity, physical security should be considered in layers and based on your level of risk. If you have highly sensitive data, you might want to limit the use of USB drives. Why? Because USB devices allow for an easy way for data to walk out of your organization. If you have a server room, you should have locks on the door. You should have locks on the doors of any networking closets where all your network gear is stored to reduce the risk of someone getting in and tapping your network. Cameras are easy in this day and age. You should have camera systems so that you can go back and see what happens. You may want to consider badges for your employees depending on your risk level and organizational size so that you can track back who was in which area when. There are plenty of easy things you can do to physically secure your IT systems. Its important that you look at the risks and take action and do not forget this crucial item.

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