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Why Trust A&P? 

The owners of A&P Technologies have over 40 years experience securing high value DoD, Intel, Critical Infrastructure and Enterprise systems. Markets we have served include the financial sector, health care, DoD, Intel, Oil and Gas/NERC and National Infrastructure Communication Backbone providers. We also have helped many small businesses and conducted training classes across the country. We started A&P because we saw a gap with smaller organizations not able to get adequate cybersecurity assistance. All members of the A&P team hold industry standard certifications such as CISSP.

Why a Protection Dog?

At A&P we love dogs. One of the owners of A&P has been active in the local Southern Tier community working with Search and Rescue (SAR) Dogs since 1998. The SAR dogs are our partners and our best friends. They loyally watch out for us and alert us if they sense anything is not as it should be. They jump in front of us and prepare to protect us if they sense danger.  SAR dogs are well trained and certified to guarantee a high level of performance. People’s lives are on the line. The SAR Dog puts this training to use to detect people and clues that would have likely been missed without them.

As the loyal SAR dog cares about saving people’s lives, A&P strives to be a similar guard dog for your business’s cyber security needs. We will put our certifications and training to use finding potential cyber security issues that others would likely miss.  We will loyally watch out for you by conducting assessments and alerting you if we find anything that is not as it should be.  We will provide guidance and recommendations that will help protect you from the dangers in the cyber world. Your business reputation is on the line. Let us be your guard dog for the cyber world.

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